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MATHEMATICS - Online Learning & Continuity of Learning at Home

All NSW public schools need to regularly review their preparedness to enact their arrangements for providing learning and working from home in case this is required at short notice. The Learning from home hub is in place to support continuity of education in the event that students and staff are unable to attend school (e.g. COVID-19 self-isolation requirements).

Nicholson Street Public School class teachers have incorporated Mathematics into their home learning plans and/or Google Classrooms. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Here are some external links and resources for fostering Mathematics learning at home. We will continually add to these links and resources when we come across new things.

Please note: All external links are intended for educational purposes only. This site is not responsible for questionable or controversial content/material that may be found on external sites. Parental supervision of children's access to the Internet is highly recommended. YouTube videos should always be fully previewed by parents before allowing children to see them. Any inappropriate content needs to be reported to the appropriate site immediately.

* Maths as a fun part of your daily family routine

Maths games galore

Short videos about numbers that help kids explore complex maths topics and make maths more fun.

* Kids Numbers - Maths Games

* Maths Frame Interactive Activities

* Helping Your Child With Arithmetic (The Four Operations)

* Helping Your Child With Counting

* Helping Your Child With Graphs and Tables

* Helping Your Child With Length and Area

* Helping Your Child With Mental Calculations

* Helping Your Child With Patterns and Algebra

* Helping Your Child With Shapes and Objects

* Helping Your Child With Volume and Mass