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The Race Around Australia

Nicho students are encouraged to participate in a NSW Department of Education physical activity initiative called the Race Around Australia. The initiative aims to get children out in the community walking, running, bike riding or even scootering to up their physical activity levels.

What is the Race Around Australia?

Race Around Australia (RAA) is a virtual physical activity challenge where teams and schools race side-by-side around the coast of Australia.

Student participants complete short bursts of physical activity across the school day or in their own time. This could be five minutes of running or walking a set course. Participants, or the coordinating teacher, log this distance into the RAA website. This distance is then displayed on a map tracking participants, teams and the whole school as a larger team, racing a set course around Australia.

When students reach certain locations, they unlock content blogs about that place. Currently this content is aligned with the Science, Geography, History and PDHPE curriculums. Participants can also earn personal achievement badges and share their distances with their friends to keep them motivated.

Please click here to download a resource pack that gives you an idea of what short workouts you can do at home with your child.

After completing any activities, be sure to let the class teacher know (K-2) or log on to the RAA webpage to log your kms (3-6).

So families and carers, please encourage your child to get out there and log their movements and distances to add to their class totals! 

Happy Racing!